High Noon

by Life Pilot

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Life Pilot's 7 track debut EP - High Noon


released April 17, 2014

Recorded & Mixed by Jake Long at Apiary Productions

Drums recorded by Mick Wordley at Mixmasters

Mastered by Alan Douches at West West Side Music

Album Photography by Alexander Matthew Images

Raw Hide film clip by Imagenel Productions

Management: Rob Carroll at Pumped Up Kids
Management Website: www.pumpedupkids.com



all rights reserved


Life Pilot Adelaide, Australia

1. The existence of an individual human being or animal.

1. A person who operates the flying controls of an aircraft.

Life Pilot is a Southern Rock band from Adelaide, South Australia. Their debut EP, High Noon, is set to be released April '14.
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Track Name: Born of a Jackal
I wanna start it off, so lets make it clear.
I wish every one of you would disappear.
All the ministers who don't see me here,
Would it be okay if I died this year?

Let's see if you like the taste of living off ten cents,
getting minimum wage and paying all your rent.
You might think I'm selfish to say I'm done,
but it's my life to end and I feel like they've won.

I want to make you proud mum and not to fear,
but I'm a human being and I'm dying here.
I don't feel a thing. I don't shed a tear.
This year I'll be the one to fucking disappear, come on.

Born of a Jackal.

When you're born of a jackal, born of a jackal.
There's no time to spare when you're born of a jackal.
When you're playing for hearts, playing for hearts.
It all comes up spades when your playing for hearts.
You'll be.
Track Name: Raw Hide
We spent a month there last night.
Wasting our time in bar lines, like it was studio 54.
Right in the middle of the disco-tech hype

I am the servant to covet your drinks, that won't beg 'cause my pride isn't cheap.
I am admitting defeat at the feet of a giant.
At the feet of a giant.
Well, I've found myself.

Well, I've said it before and I'll say it again.
Not by chance did I spit or cough my words.

Darker than the monster.
So, will you be darker than the monster upon your sleeves?
But still you piss and moan to hear your key played on my violin.

Ms. University.
You will never please me that doggone easily.

Cut 'em out. Ride 'em in. Rawhide! Rawhide!
Ride 'em in. Let 'em out. Rawhide! Rawhide!

Soon we'll be livin' high.

We strut on carpets like stars, but this city ain't much.
We're not on Sunset Boulevard and our city ain't hard.
Our city ain't hard.
We're not on Crenshaw Boulevard.

And I said it first.
Yeah, we'll let it.
I said it first.
Track Name: Four out of Five ain't Five
How do these people stamp on life likes it's simple?
I stand in silence fighting my conscience.

Compromise, but be evil.
Hiding truths from your people.

Giving more than is equal; keep our lives 'oh-so-simple'.
 Bring back what they call 'the man'.
My public peers, witnesses.

Some people never stop, hold me responsible.
Why won't these people all just stop holding me responsible?

'Cause it's the writers block I fear and it's the writers block I loath.
'Feels like the wind you break.

Dart back and forth. Hot damn, your eyes.
Hot damn, your eyes are cold.

They're cold and you don't approve by default or bias.
You justify by default or bias.


Haven't you been let down?
Haven't you been led a stray?
Haven't you been smothered?
Haven't you been torn away?
Have your dreams been shattered?
Has your life become a mess?
Does it even matter?

Life doesn't make sense.

Just leave me alone with my thoughts
Track Name: Eye of the Juggernaut
This time I'm answering back with a vengeance.
Who will I send this?
How do I end this?

I might have known you'd be an expert at bending the truth.
How does it help me?
And who did I see when I peered through the window at noon?

Is it true? 
Was it you?
Was it you that I saw?
Was it you standing back with pen in your hand, fictionalising facts?

I take offence at the claim to your fame.
Yeah, it's see-through.

Use windows to spy, 'cause TV's tell lies.
Know that they won't stop 'til they take over our world.
The cracks are forming.
Warning, warning!
They control our lives and we're here applauding.
Conforming, conforming!

I don't believe that you can spell the truth.
I don't believe that I'm the only one to catch you too.
No, no!
Fuck you, I don't believe you. I can smell the truth.
I don't believe.
I don't believe. 
I don't believe. 
I can't believe you!

Show me the fucking proof.
See through.

Eye of the juggernaut.

Paparazzi scum.
Oh my. kingdom come.
What have we become?
Oh why, kingdom come?

Here's to all of the journo's and their scandals in the press.
Thanks for Diana's death. 
Hey man, I owe you one.
Who nurtures all of our funds? 
The politicians toting guns.
Who left our planet for dead?
Hey man, I owe you one.

I hate you let you down.
Track Name: My Time
My time means nothing.
My time means nothing.
I survived those nights but when's my day coming?

When's my time going to...

When's my time going to catch up with me non-intentionally?

I will be re­assembled in my own interpretation.
No room for patience.
This is my statement.
You see me only for what I could have been,
not for the person I've become.

I'm stuck inside.
Stuck on the inside.
Eyes, rolling from the light.

I will be re­assembled in my own interpretation.
No room for patience.
This is my statement.
You see me only for what I could have been,
not for the person I've become.

Yes, there's a difference between right and wrong.
But, I feel as though I'm neither one.
My time won't come.
My time won't come.

I feel like no-­one.
Track Name: Lighten Up, Francis
Strung out, keys left by the door.
On the verge of speaking now, or forever holding my grief.
There's no time, no false alarm.
The polished floor is a medium for two in the round.
In the round.
For the two of us and our shoes, in the round.

You've got it backwards.

Too late for true romance, I let the devil pass.
And you've got it all right.

Last call for whiskey.
Someone, call a taxi.
Last call for whiskey.
Someone, call a taxi.

Un-nice, un-giving, too deaf to hear what's said.
Un-nice, un-giving, too blind to see we're veering left.

When the voice of driver took its hold, we've lost control. 
We've lost control.

I sure pulled a number on you.
Who's kidding? 
I'm admitting the truth.
I sure pulled a number...

Tried using matches to work on the frostbite.
The frostbite.

There's no time, false alarm.
Polished floorboards are a medium for the two of us and our shoes.

There's no damn time.

You've got it backwards.
You've got me backwards.
Track Name: Liars
Liars. Liars. Liars. Liars.

I told you, and yes, I was right.
Didn't I?

This is what I get for being polite.
If you can, think twice before you say yes.
Think twice before you answer.

And in my dreams
I see you in me, not me in you.

Hours spent over one line.
Ain't nothing that I can't solve in time.
Selfish, hell bent on what's fair.
Take nothing but what is left there.

Drunken lips, well they speak the truth.
Absent when present next to you.
Mindless from that damn cell phone.
I won't stay here but I can't go home.

What's fair? 

Defy, I cant see why we, we must abide by your lie.

Give it some thought, you know it only misleads.

Ab­sent when present.

No you wont find love in an open cut mine.
You simply won't. 
No, you'll never build it in time.