Life Pilot 2012

by Life Pilot

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3 track demo. Recorded, Mixed & Mastered by Apiary Productions.


released July 22, 2012

Life Pilot



all rights reserved


Life Pilot Adelaide, Australia

1. The existence of an individual human being or animal.

1. A person who operates the flying controls of an aircraft.

Life Pilot is a Southern Rock band from Adelaide, South Australia. Their debut EP, High Noon, is set to be released April '14.
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Track Name: How Sad
dont say you picked the short straw
when all you have is more
like everything is hard for you
like everything's a chore
when all you seem to do
is try to act confused
like everybody needs to know

that your life is harder than it seems and or shows

spare, your little cobwebs
ideas and concepts
i see right past them
your face is tragic
now listen

i work for what im given
and its like a fucking prison
i work for what im given, so

dont guilt me like your needy
because no ones receiving

how sad, too bad
too bad i couldn't give a flying fuck

with daddy's cash he bought his luck
hes spoon fed like a lamb
your hardly hard done by dip shit
now suck it up like a man

take a good, look, at yourself
Track Name: I Wont
for every night we will keep up the fight
when nothing stops, nothing will be fine
i cannot bare to embellish shit anymore
for, whose the suspect?
this policy it has invaded, returning
returning fee, repetition
if i only wanted to be

i wont pretend ive got the answers
i wont pretend im god

lets teach them, then they'll fight together
not for each ones own, but for a flag and army
ready to die for next to nothing
dont steal their light

when the front to an end unfolds, a lie
with a happy ending

what a misfortune
yours, not mine
get bent, why, fuck it
read up on your mind
what about it?
no, yes but i found it

i wont pretend iv got the answers
i wont pretend iv got the answers

cry for my life but i fell short

i wont be dragged down
from my behind (my will, left a side)
its killing me softly, fuck

close to feeling it, but let down

all my tickets have been passed out, i dont
and iv already put my hands down, i dont

i tried so hard, i tried
Track Name: This Is
i don't need your help

its times like this that i hate when i get
stuck thinking your name
looking right past sand through an hourglass
do what you want dont let me stop
your helping me pick my brain
now tell me how it is that you think
im the one too blame

let it drop by, let the shit fly, tell me if im the man to see

just keep feeding the rope, til' it suits your way
one more knot is all youve got so take your time dont miss the plot
just keep feeding the rope, til' it suits your fancy
led into a sleepless hell and all this time you knew damn well

of course
i found you
but il never
get through to
of course that
i found you
but il never get through to

i will stand by

stand by
by my side

this is
damn loveless
this is
my distress